How It Should Be is a new ethical supermarket based in Brighton whose purpose is to make the food industry more fair and sustainable.  All of their activities are governed by a set of principles called ‘The HiSbe Way’. This provides an ethical guide for the store, which seeks to offer affordable food that is as local, healthy, natural, and sustainable. As well as GM and pesticide-free, fairly traded, high welfare, seasonal, minimally packaged, ethically produced and responsibly sourced.

The Brighton store has now been open 5 months and is doing incredibly well. We worked with the store to produce this film which provides an insight into the store, alongside a picture of their wider supply chain partners. By featuring three of their key Sussex suppliers, the hope was to convey the importance of the whole chain; from plot and farm, to plate. The purpose of the film was to raise awareness of this new store in Brighton, as well as provide a vibrant summary of what it’s all about.

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