Working with HiSbe has been great, and their story is fascinating, big, and multi-faceted. There are countless elements and angles, from the importance of sustainable fishing and farming methods, to the way the store was funded. The particular problems (and there are many) of the conventional supermarket supply chains, to the businesses belief in the importance of staff well-being, to the various recycled materials used in the stores re-fit. The list goes on and on.

Each one of these aspects could be a film it their own right, but in talking to Ruth and Amy we were all clear that to encourage people to watch, the film should remain short. So the challenge, with around 3mins to work with, was to try and distil the manageable key messaging and content for the HisBe film.

Something that is particularly pertinent to us is HisBe’s strong sense of it’s place in (and responsibility to) it’s broader network.  This ‘supply chain’ in traditional terms spans farmers, suppliers, distributors, staff, customers and, for HisBe, crowd-funders, ethical investors, as well as local like-minded businesses.

For HisBe, all the relationships within the network are conducted in a conscious way, with the 8 guiding principles of ‘the HisBe way’ providing the core values and principles of how things are done, it feels more appropriate to call this network a community.


This idea, of HisBe being a sensible, responsible, friendly, grown-up member of it’s wider community, is what we want to reflect in the film. So, instead of the traditional voiceover (which feels a little too straight and conventional for HisBe’s brand), the idea is that we will see various people within the HisBe community (suppliers, customers, founders, staff members, crowd-funders) in the shop, and hear their particular take on the HisBe way (and perhaps how it affects them specifically) in the form of short snippets of dialogue over the images.

We’ll shoot in raw, offering us maximum flexibility in post-production in terms of the grade, as the supermarket may well need warming up a little. Finally, the film will also feature a selection of simple graphic overlays which will provide relevant and more specific information about what we’re seeing. This is not only a visually interesting effect which is enjoyable to watch, it also enables us to include a sense of this broader body of information, stories, and facts around HisBe in the film.


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